The Tour Operator Team Extension enables a custom post type that you can use to show off the friendly faces that make up your Tour Operator business. It allows you to specify some general body copy for each team member, and has fields where you can specify job title (Guide, Accommodation Owner, etc), location, social links and more.

Extension Features

  • Connect your team to Calls To
  • Connect team member pages to posts
  • Connect team member to favourite tours
  • Connect team member to favourite destinations
  • Connect team member to favourite accommodation
  • Connect team member to reviews
  • Show team member gallery and videos
  • Display personal bio, contact details and social links

Connect individual team pages to posts, favourite tours, accommodation and destinations

Display your Team on the Hompepage in a grid or in a carousel

Connect your team to Calls To Action on the destination, tours and accommodation pages

Download LSX Theme and Tour Operator Plugin

IMPORTANT: The Tour Operator Plugin will only work with the free LSX Theme. Please make sure you download and install LSX theme before installing Tour Operator

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