Wetu is an extensive database of accommodation suppliers and tour operators, as well as a robust tour builder. Travel agents and tour operators are able to build interactive tour itineraries that offer their website visitors a rich online experience that is easy to distribute.

Wetu’s suite of Interactive tools like digital itineraries, virtual tours,and a digital product catalogue provide depth and opportunities for engagement to hold the visitors attention, greatly improving the likelihood of an enquiry or booking.

How LightSpeed Tourism partners with Wetu

Existing Wetu customers can import their content from Wetu.com. Our site builder automatically incorporates rich, interactive Wetu content into a website which we can easily make fine-tuning adjustments to ensure that the site is perfectly suited to your needs and design specifications.

You won’t have to waste time adding and updating content manually ever again. The site builder allows us to easily display high-quality images and beautiful galleries combined with detailed rooms specifications, as well as videos & information on services, facilities and activities.

Our importer will automatically synchronise with the Wetu Content System on a regular basis, allowing your content to be easily updated, be it with new photos, information, rates, or reviews , to name only a few.

Anyone using Wetu’s Content API in combination with LightSpeed’s Tour Importer will be able to embed tours and display them directly on their website.


The benefit for suppliers is in ensuring that their establishment is represented online in a effective and impressive format.

Internet users are demanding and have a short attention span – if you are unable to grab (and hold) their attention, they’ll be looking at a competitor’s site in no time. In the highly competitive online travel environment, keeping viewers engaged is vitally important. The longer a potential client stays on your platform the greater the chance of an enquiry or booking.

The benefit for us here at LightSpeed is that, as a result of this importing system, we can build more powerful, faster and effective tourism websites in less time, thanks to the Wetu database’s content management.

Expediting the site-build process

The site builder is not a shortcut to a complete website, but rather a very sophisticated first step that helps us to get going sooner on fine-tuning the site to your establishment’s particular needs. Whether it’s an issue with a menu or with the way content is being laid out, we can make those changes within the parameters of the theme that the site is built with.

All the tools and features that make Wetu such an informative database are neatly integrated into a WordPress staging website which allows us to quickly and efficiently modify the content to your design preference and content strategy.

Whether you’re an accommodation provider or a tour operator, all you need to do is pay a small monthly license fee to use our site builder and host with us, rather than a hefty one off fee simply to have a website built.